Build your own real-time analytics on the cloud with no coding and smallest cost.


A real-time analytics is necessary to optimize the communication with right customer at right time with right message. Your customer won't be there 1 min later.

No sampling

Is your analytics tool omitting records due to limitations? Is it possible to respect the customer's intention without enough data in one-to-one marketing era? Maybe NO. Ingestly never omit records.

No coding

People says that building and maintaining an in-house tool is hard for other than cutting-edge tech companies. But, Ingestly is possible by almost COPY & PASTE within 30 min.

Smallest cost

Ingestly is an open-source software published under MIT license. And, all cloud services Ingestly requires offer you a free trial. Once the trial expired, you can continue using Ingestly for less than $100/month at minimum.

Why Ingestly?

It's a first-party tool

Ingestly could be built on your environment by yourself. There is no third-parties and nobody get data other than you. You have all controls about data measured by Ingestly. This is so simple but was difficult in the past.

Marketers and Developers friendly

Developers want to know about usage of services and performance information for optimization as fast as possible. Marketers want to take an action based on data while a customer is still on the service. Both developers and marketers need all data without sampling for accuracy, and "Single source of Truth" is required for better communication.



As of now, Ingestly offers a JavaScript client SDK for web analytics. The SDK contains various automated measurement features such as "Real User Monitoring", "Scroll Depth", "Read-Through", "Clicks" and so on. You don't need to write a JavaScript code for advanced measurement, and no need for complicated settings on tag managers. This helps you to make measurement definitions standardised in your organization.


Ingestly uses Fastly as a data ingestion endpoint. Fastly is a great CDN with high reliability and has a lot of edge data centers all over the world. A beacon transmitted by the SDK is terminated at the nearest edge, this means a response time from the server is faster because of the distance of communication.


What is your choice of database? Google BigQuery, Elasticsearch, Amazon Athena or Redshift... is supported. Of course, you can store data in other databases if you create a few script. Fastly supports Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Kafka too, so you can stream data to any database via these streaming services.

Advanced use-cases

Cloud Pub/Sub and Dataflow

Fastly is able to transfer logs to Google Cloud Pub/Sub. You can create and run a data processing logic with Python, Java or Go on Dataflow which is a managed Apache Beam. So, you can notify a particular event like NPS results to Slack, or you can dispatch an email by a specific event, in real-time.

Single Customer View

Elastic offers Kibana, a wonderful BI tool for Elasticsearch. Kibana provides flexible and faster data visualization without writing queries. Some Ingestly users built a dashboard called "Single Customer View" to extract and visualize behavior of a single customer, to have better understanding of a customer when customer-facing team take a communication.